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Sale Ends 08/19/2022

Excellent Starter Bit Package

Excellent Starter Bit Package

.This package contains 15 carbide and 10 premium diamond bits. SCM’s Premium Diamonds and Carbides are universal... They will engrave on all surfaces like Wood, Metal, Glass, Eggshell, gourds, bone, antler and more. Each of our bits will give you unique lines, texture and finish. You don't need to have individual kits of bits for different surfaces.

We have been providing the proper bits for over 31 years. All of our bits are rated for 400,000rpm's. Be careful not to use bits that are not rated for the 400,000rpm's. This package contains 15 carbide and 10 premium diamond bits. This selection contains the most commonly used bits. These bits come organized in SCM's durable bit box. Always use high quality bits in your system.


What makes SCM’s burrs sharper and last longer?
SCM solid carbide burs are made with high quality fine-grain tungsten carbide, which produces a blade that is sharper and wears longer compared to less expensive coarse grain tungsten carbide. Blades made of fine grain tungsten carbide, retain shape even as they wear. Less expensive, large particle tungsten carbide dulls quickly as the large particles break from the blade or cutting edge.

What are The Technical Requirements for Quality Burs?
Critical factors must be monitored and considered in the manufacturing process to ensure the consistent, high-quality performance of an SCM Bur. Our extensive experience and knowledge results in the production of the highest quality of carbide burs by adhering to the 4 technical requirements for quality in manufactured burs:
These essential requirements are: