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Sale Ends 06/24/2022

  • The best warranty in the business!
  • One year on the high speed turbines.
  • Lifetime on the handpiece.
  • No fine print.
  • Made in the USA since 1988.
  • Serving our customers worldwide for almost 30 years.
System Three
A Great Starting Package
Featuring the 400XS Engraver

System Three
SALE ENDS06/24/2022
In Stock
Free Shipping
System Three Engraver
Wood Carving
Exclusive DVD/Video Training Program 
The fastest handpiece on the market !
Absolutely NO maintenance required
Dust Buster-Machined holes to blow debris away and keep turbine running smoothly
No messy in-line oiling system required
Only 1.2cfm at 45psi is needed to operate at 400,000 RPM's
Hour Glass Shape for Comfort
Smallest Diameter for Total Comfort

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Thank you for your personal, professional assistance that you provided both, before my purchase of the System 3 and after I received the equipment. I am enjoying this excellent technology which provides a new medium of expression to add to my craft business. I look forward to working with you and SCM in the future
- Ken T.
Thought I’d send copies of some of my cake pan patterns I’ve been using. My customers really must like them because I’ve sold over 400 engraved pans. I thought I would include some pictures of some of my work. Thanks for your time. Will look forward to our next conversation. Happy Holidays
- Vern
Received System 3 yesterday and started using my new system already. It is very easy to use and found within a few minutes my comfort zone. How wonderful it was not to have oil shooting all over my eggs. Enclosed are photos of my street rod and eggs. If you look closely, you can see the etched rose on my window directly above my side-view mirror. This is what started everything almost 8 years ago. It was so nice talking to you-thank you for your time
- Linda R.
Thank you to all your helpful staff for prompt & excellent technical advice. I hope we will have a long and mutually beneficial business association. I am so glad I saw your original advertisement in my husband’s hunting magazine. I’m getting the hang of the developing process now and I am looking forward to a busy and hopefully successful business year next year. Thank you again
- Dawn K.

System Three, Featuring the 400XS, Includes:

Ultra High Speed 400XS Engraver
The fastest engraver on the market today ! 25% more power for crisper and cleaner lines. Using this handpiece, you can skillfully engrave materials ranging from eggshells to rugged steel machinery. Truly a vital tool for any engraving enthusiast ! Ergonomically designed for hours of comfortable operation. 400,000 RPM
Carrying Case
High-quality, durable case holds your complete System Three for portability.
Air Control Pack
Filter/regulator unit. Delivers clean air under constant pressure. Come complete with an attractive mounting stand and automatic moisture release.
Automatic Moisture Release
Eliminate the worry of constant checking for moisture in your system. Takes unwanted moisture out of the air and automatically release it. Great for high humidity areas. A must for any engraver.
10 Diamond Bits & 15 Carbide Bits
25 of the most commonly used sizes of both types of bits.
Inventory Case
Durable plastic utility box has 18 compartments for storing all of your bits.
Clear Stencil Sheets
Includes 25 blank stencil sheets. These can be used on standard copy machines and laser printers.
Artwork (Wildlife)
A complete starter package of artwork, ready to use.
Two masks to be worn when engraving.
Safety Goggles
Durable safety goggles to be warn when engraving.
Instructional Video
Over four hours of instructions showing you how to assemble the equipment and thorough technical information showing you how to engrave glass, wood, metal, eggs, and stone.
Newsletter Subscription
Toll-free Technical Support (Lifetime)
When you become an SCM custom engraver, answers to all your questions are available at your fingertips via our toll-free telephone support system. Whether it's a technical question, or whatever, we'll be there with the help when you need it.
Note: A compressor rated at 1.2cfm at 45psi is needed to operate. NOT INCLUDED

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